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2007 Annual State Championship "Shoot-Out at 5 Dogs Creek"
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Winter Range 2007

Winter Range 2006 Photos & People
Western 3 Gun
2007 April 5DC photos by Fordyce Beals
Hundreds of Photos from the 2006 Annual "Shoot-Out at 5 Dogs Creek"
Many, many thanks to the kind folks below for sharing their photos with us. And a big ole 5DC "Thank You!" to all the volunteers, helpers, organizers, and participants who all helped make this the best ever!
DollMaker - People Buy her photo CD
Sunshine Kid
Black Raven Bob
Winchester Jack
The scores
Darlin Deb's Photos of March 2006 at 5 Dogs Creek
DollMaker's photos of Feb 2006 at 5 Dogs Creek
2005 Annual "Shoot Out at 5 Dogs Creek"
Black Raven Bob's photos
Quixshot's photos
DollMaker's Photos
Tequilla Shooting School at 5 Dogs Creek Oct 9&10, 2004:
Full Set of Tequilla Shooting School Photos (by Gloria, Montego & Sunshine Kid)
More fun Photos:
Peso Bill's Photos (Sat dinner & Sunday)
Vixen's Photos

Photos were taken by Sunshine Kid, Gloria (Renegade Kid), Montego, & Peso Bill.
Vixen's Photos are here
2004 State Championships at 5 Dogs Creek Photos by Peso Bill

If you are a Rowdy Wrangler, and have some photos to post, go ahead & about it.