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Montego & Sunshine Kid Shoot Winter Range 2007; The National Championships of SASS Cowboy Action Shooting.
Our Winter Range Photos are here

Winter Range Scores
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Montego shoots stage 1.
24 Targets in 29.72 sec, no misses.:-)

Sunshine Kid shoots Stage 1

Montego Shoots Stage 2

Sunshine Kid Shoots Stage 2

Montego Shoots Stage 3

Sunshine Kid Shoots Stage 3

Montego Shoots Stage 4

Sunshine Kid Shoots Stage 4

Montego Shoots Stage 5

Montego Shoots Stage 6

Montego Shoots Stage 7
Montego Shoots Stage 8
Montego Shoots Stage 9

Sunshine Kid Shoots Stage 9

Montego Shoots Stage 11

Sunshine Kid shoots Stage 11

Sunshine Kid Shoots Stage 12

Winter Range 2006
5DC people we saw at Winter Range

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Winter Range 2006